Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Weight Loss Challenge Starts In 2 Weeks!!

The Lose Big / Win Big Weight Loss Challenge lasts 12 weeks, and it is so simple to do!

Every week during the challenge you will log on to a webinar teleconference.

Each webinar session is a 30 minute class that covers a different topic each week.

You LOSE and LEARN how to reach your weight loss goals and keep your weight off for good.

A winner will be selected from each group.

The Lose Big / Win Big Weight Loss Challenge entry fee is only $35.00 (a very small amount considering how important your health is).

This entry fee will be paid out in cash to the winner of the group! There are thousands of dollars in giveaways and prize money to be won!

We Want YOU To Win!!! You have email and phone access to your FREE personal coach.

Each week you will send your coach your weight and measurement chart and discuss your progress plus get tips to help you WIN the Challenge.

The Best Part of the Challenge is that you are not alone.

Some of the things you will learn will dramatically change your life!

Don't you want to know what the 12 nutritional keys to vibrant energy, good health, and looking and feeling your best every day are?

You can propel your weight loss after learning about the common nutrition and weight loss myths and start arming yourself with the facts that help us lose weight

Our next weight loss challenge starts in January. Sign up today and be the next biggest loser and win $500.

You have nothing to lose except weight, fat, healthy eating tips and make new friends.

The Long Distance Weight Loss Challenge starts Tuesday January 10th at 5pm PST (8pm EST). Join our team!!

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