Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Overweight Success Stories-How They Lost It!

Real folks, real struggle, true success stories,  and concrete results.

Almost everyone has an overweight story.

Real weight-gain. Real struggles. True Stories. True weight-loss. True happiness.

Real folks who fight overweight daily with every trick of the trade.

How they gained and how they thrived to lose the weight and managed to keep it off.

Some programs have good pointers that may suit you. May work for you. Some may even seem like your own story.

Here is my story:

When I got pregnant, I was at an ideal weight. My friends told me how I was going to gain weight and how hard it will be to lose the weight afterwards.

After the fourth month I wasn't gaining weight and my belly wasn't getting bigger. I was healthy but was not gaining weight. So I thought this is going to be easy; I won't gain a lot of weight..... Then the contractions started around 4 months. The contractions kept on getting worst and worst and eventually the Doctor ordered me to stay in bed and lay on my left side for 2 months. For my baby to be healthy, I listened to the Dr's orders.

Being in bed day in and day out was so boring. My husband did all the housework and cooking. The cooking was rarely healthy and often fast food.  I had never eaten so much greasy food before but was it ever good....  All I had to do is eat, sleep and watch tv. What a life eh!!

Everything that had grease in it was delicious and I wanted more. Cravings for greasy fries, onion rings, double cheeseburgers, pizza and yes, ice cream; what a treat.....yes even during the night. Well I surely paid for all those greasy foods.

I certainly gained a lot of weight. Seventy pounds. I thought no sweat, most of it is probably water retention.

After delivering a healthy baby boy,  only 10 lbs were gone.  I still looked pregnant and could only fit in maternity clothes for almost a year after giving birth. How embarrassing. People would stop and ask when was I due....or I thought you had given birth?  Since then I have been struggling with my weight.

Being overweight has always been part of my life since then. Now I have found a program that makes it easy to lose weight. I have a healthy meal replacement shake in the morning, and another one for lunch with a sensible healthy diner.

I want to be at my normal weight again. I just do not want to be judged for gaining weight again. I just want to get back into my clothes and give away my XTG clothes because with this program, I will not be gaining the weight back.

I have already lost 30lbs and I feel wonderful!

With healthy meal replacement shakes, it makes it easy for overweight folks to lose weight and keep it off.

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