Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6 Reasons To Eat Apples

You have probably heard this before:
"An apple a day will keep the Doctor away".

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Postpartum Depression: What Is it exactly?

We've heard about it often enough, yet do we know enough about it for us to actually understand this illness in order to help ourselves as well as others?  But what is postpartum depression really?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back Pain and Herpes Simplex

What I am about to tell you will scare you into next year, especially if you have been diagnosed with herpes simplex?   

Monday, October 8, 2012

What Does Perimenopause Mean?

You may think you were going crazy at first. Your body seems to be working against you and your mind isn't far behind. Be assured there is nothing wrong, it’s just a stage of life called perimenopause, and this may be your time.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Secrets of Protein and Weight Loss

Why do protein and weight loss go hand in hand.  The secret to a successful weight loss is to add protein to your weight loss program.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keeping Pregnant Women Away From Acid Reflux Dilemma

Many women tend to experience heartburn symptoms when they are still carrying their babies, and this happens for several reasons.

One of these is the increase of hormones in the women’s body while they are pregnant.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Body Detox Herbs Can Do Wonders in Your Life

It is a fact that some pesticides, chemicals, and certain fumes are present in the environment that is affecting your immune system and jeopardizing your health.

Moreover, the foods that you eat can lead to a toxic atmosphere lowering your overall immunity.

Body Detox Herbs

Toxic load is the condition of tissues and cells where internal terrain is developed after food consumption of highly processed foods. Your body needs to be cleansed from these unwanted toxins. The process is called detoxification.

Although you have the kidney and liver which are organs considered as natural detoxifiers filtering out the impurities of the bodies, you need to consider other ways to Detoxify Your Body from toxins.

Some of the methods can be extreme like long fasting from juice drinks or dialysis.

Take note, your immune system is the defense mechanism of your body.

So, disease and infections should be prevented before it affects your whole body through toxin’s removal.

As you can observe, the illness’ frequency of a person is dependent on the immune system strength which is composed of complex networks of nodes and lymph channels.

Detox Herbs

Detox herbs are beneficial in making your immune system strong. These herbs are the perfect and natural way of removing toxins from your immune systems to minimize acquired illnesses and to develop general well-being.

Several herbs for detoxifying are much better for improving your immune systems than others.

However, there are specific considerations for the detoxification program that you choose.

The following detox herbs can be used according to your needs.

- Psyllium seeds promote healthy bowel movement generally maintaining its good condition. It could be used in helping bowel related problems like diarrhea.

This herb is good because it has an absorption property similar to a sponge where it helps in removing the toxins inside your body.

- Cascara Sagrada is generally a good natural laxative flushing the toxins out of your system. It also helps in strengthening your colon and other related muscles. This herb is used together with psyllium seeds.

- Milk thistle is also a very valuable substance used often to simulate the protein synthesis in the liver. It is used effectively in soaking different types of toxins found in drugs and alcohols that can damage your body.

- Nettles are used as a portion of the detox herb mixture in cleansing the urinary systems as well as any part of the body.

- Burdock roots are also perfect for stronger cleansing needs. It is helpful in reducing the heavy metals build-up within your body which causes immune system problems.      

- Dandelion roots are detox herbs having strong cleansing properties appropriate for your liver. It is good for removing the gallbladder wastes and also works well for kidneys if used with other compatible detox herbs.

Detoxification Programs

People would really need to detoxify themselves due to the presence of toxins in processed foods and in polluted air.

Using herbs is not new in Detoxification Programs because its cleansing and healing properties have been known for so many years.

Thus, it is now being accepted in the detoxification concept treating patients worldwide.

These herbs can effectively flush out unwanted toxins from your immune system allowing you to look and feel great.

It can save you from acquiring severe illnesses.

Brilliant detox herbs can really do wonders in a person's life.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diet Plans For Overweight Teenage Boys

If you have ever been looking for diet plans for overweight teenage boys, then you are in luck. Many teenage boys are overweight, even some of the more active ones.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fibromyalgia Facts for Women

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common diseases affecting the muscles, tendons, and joints in women.

Many health care professionals still do not recognize the condition as a disorder, most likely, because x-rays, blood tests, and biopsies often show no prevalent evidence to support the patient’s complaints.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hidden Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight

Are you finding that you can't lose weight, no matter how much you diet or exercise? For some people, there are legitimate medical conditions like thyroid problems causing this to happen. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calorie Reduction Diet Lose 5-10-15 Lbs

No matter how hard you try to lose weight, no matter how many gimmicks you buy into, no matter how many miracle foods or super foods claim all kinds of weight loss guarantees, just about any family physician will say the same thing when you ask him how to shed a few pounds.

"Exercise more and eat less." 

That translates into getting off your butt and move, and following a calorie reduction diet.

Calorie Reduction Diet

The only thing you really need to be concerned about when deciding how you are going to attack your calorie reduction diet plan, is to reduce the number of calories sufficiently enough to make weight loss happen while at the same time getting enough calories (and nutrients) to keep your body from going into starvation mode. 

We have long known that calories must be cut from most people's diets if they are going to lose weight.

If you are one of those people who already has a very limited calorie intake and you still find yourself unable to lose weight, you may actually need to eat more calories! 

This is what happens:

Your body is designed to survive at all costs. That means that, according to your bodily system, if you go eating 800 calories a day all of a sudden, your body system begins to think some tragedy has fallen and you are unable to find food.

  • So, your body goes into ultra drive to protect you and conserves its consumption of calories so you don't starve to death. 

If you have long been eating carefully-counted food as part of a long-term calorie reduction diet and you have stopped losing weight, consult your physician for advice about whether or not to add more calories and protein to your eating plan. 

Even though many people find themselves in the above category, most of us still eat more than we can burn off, so we need to follow a calorie reduction diet.

Lose Weight

The easiest way to Lose Weight is to cut out anything we know is fattening.

It really isn't all that complicated. If food is naturally occurring, it is likely to be the best for you and most likely to be a good part of a calorie reduction diet. 

That means you should:
  • Spend ninety percent of your grocery shopping time in the produce and meat section.
  • Eat lots of raw or steamed vegetables.
  • Consume a moderate amount of lean protein
  • Avoid man-made food as much as possible

Before you put it in your buggy, ask yourself, "Did nature provide this or did man?" If the answer is "man", leave it in the store.

Examples of man-made items include:
  • Bread
  • Pastries
  • Canned vegetables
  • Pretzels
  • Potato chips
  • Cakes
  • Pasta
  • Egg noodles, and so on.

Examples of nature-provided items include:
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Fruits
  • Lean meats
  • Nuts, and so on
If you are too busy to manage a healthy calorie reduction diet, you can refer to a nutritional, healthy Weight Loss Program.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Girl Thinks She Is Fat

Has your girl stopped eating because she thinks she is overweight? Is she always talking about a teenage diet plan or other ways to lose weight? Be aware! This may not be a passing mood change. It could be heading your teen into some serious health problems.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Recipes For Detox Diet Clean Out Your Body

Detoxification is not just for the movie stars who abuse painkillers anymore.

New evidence has shown that just about everyone needs detox not for drug use, but to clean out the colon, blood system, liver, and other organs that have been building up potentially toxic amounts of unhealthy matter over the years.

Lots of people are jumping on the detox diet bandwagon, and for good reason, too.

With all the preservatives, hormones, air pollutants, pesticides, and even fat (think fast food) that gets into our bodies every day, it just makes sense to clean the temple from time to time.

You wouldn't go without cleaning the house for very long, and you shouldn't go very long without cleaning your body, either.

Here are three delicious recipes for detox diets.

Give them a try if you want to help cleanse your system and/or lose some weight:

1) Veggie Broth
  • A head of fresh broccoli 
  • Cup of fresh spinach leaves 
  • A cup of celery 
  • A pot full of distilled water 
Simply cut up the vegetables into very small pieces. Put them in the pot of water, cover, and bring them to a full boil. Then, reduce the heat to a simmer and let all those nutrients seep out of those vegetables into the water. 

After about thirty minutes, drain the mixture. Discard the vegetables, and drink the broth. Yummy and a good colon cleanser! 

 2) Tomato-based Hearty Detox Soup 
  • A pot of purified water 
  • A head of green cabbage 
  • Two medium green bell peppers (or one large and one small) 
  • An onion 
  • Three stalks of celery 
  • Three carrots 
  • One-third to one-half of a pound of fresh or frozen green beans 
  • One or two cans of diced tomatoes or tomato sauce 
Slice the cabbage into strips. Chop the peppers into bite-size pieces or smaller if you prefer.
Cut up the onion, celery, and carrots into pieces of the same size. Prepare the green beans.
Some folks will say to ad the ingredients to the water a little at a time, beginning with the hardest vegetables first. I find that unnecessary. Just throw all the vegetables into the pot of water, cover, and bring to a boil. Then, lower the heat and allow the soup to simmer for several hours. Enjoy!

3) Lemon and Citrus Tea Detox Recipes 

Lemon is quickly becoming a popular detox ingredient, probably because of its high citric acid content, vitamin C density, and abundance of bioflavonoids.

Besides for all these benefits, there is something that is generally pleasing about the lemon, don't you think? 
  • A glass of grapefruit juice 
  • The juice of one large lemon 
  • Two teaspoons of olive oil 
  • One to two teaspoons of flaxseed oil 
  • Optional - a clove of crushed garlic 
  • Optional - split the juices to half a glass of grapefruit and half glass of orange 

Nutritional Cleansing Benefits:

  • Lose Weight
  • Increase Energy
  • Balance Digestion
  • Improve Overall Health

Another way to detox your body is with a Nutritional Cleansing System to clean your digestive system out as a whole.

If you want to lose weight, boost energy levels, improve digestion and achieve optimal health, we encourage you to take a look at these safe, natural and effective nutritional cleansing programs.

We know smart consumers will want the answers to many of their questions before making a decision.

Our website offers a chance for you to dig deep through a wealth of information including genuine reviews and testimonials, product guides, information on the benefits of nutritional cleansing and more.

However, it is important for you to follow the directions carefully and only use for the length of time that is appropriate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Easy Steps to Lose Your Man Boobs

How long have you been silently suffering with extra flab on your pectorals?

Don't you think it is time to shed your man boobs? 

Guys get overwhelmed once they recognize they have a huge problem with man boobs, but you must not feel alone.

You will discover numerous men are in the same boat and, just like you, are seeking an easy way to get rid of their flabby pectorals and transform them into a strong, manly chest.  It’s easier than you think!

Step 1:
Determine what is causing your man boobs.
- Are you Overweight?
- Do you need to boost your Muscle Mass?
- Do you have a Hormonal Problem?

If you’re not sure, you may want to talk to a healthcare provider to get some simple tests performed that measure your testosterone levels.

Just dealing with this one thing can help you to lose your man boobs for good.

Step 2:
Establish an objective to lose your man boobs.  It must be specific and measurable.  It’s may be tricky to set an objective to lose a specific amount of weight or a specific amount of breast tissue.

Step 3:
Focus your objectives on actions.  Such as, set an objective to work out three times a week for a month.  At the end of the month, it will be easy to determine whether or not you’ve met your objective.

Step 4:
Document how well you're progressing.  Considering that it might be challenging to physically measure your man boobs, you might want to document your progress with pictures.  Start by taking a before picture and then a photo each week, you’ll be able to visualize all the progress you’ve made.  By visualizing that you’re starting to lose your man boobs, you’ll be more determined to carry on working hard.

Step 5:
Find support. You don’t have to struggle by yourself.  Lots of folks are going through the same challenge as you and want to lose man boobs.  Make an effort to find a community online and talk about your worries and ideas or suggestions help get rid of them.  You might find that someone has a great idea you would never have thought of on your own.

Last but not least, always keep an open mind and be patient. When you’re trying to make changes to your body, it can take time.  You may have to try new things like supplements, exercise routines, and a change in diet.

All of these tips might take time to put into practice and you might get disappointed with the lack of improvement.

But remember, to Lose Your Man Boobs it will take time.  Be patient and keep working toward your goal.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The “Quick Weight Loss Diet” Trend Disadvantage

If you wear a size 14 and you blow a bundle on designer size 8 dresses as motivation, you will probably end up feeling guilty, frustrated, and angry if you are not slinking around in it a month later.

Friday, May 25, 2012

21 Testosterone Signs: Male Menopause

Do men go through menopause?   Medical studies show that not only women experience menopause, men do too. The terminology is called male menopause typically referred to as andropause.  Hypogonadism is another term for male menopause. A low level of testosterone levels is known to be the cause.

Andropause is the end of first adulthood and the beginning of a second adulthood.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

15 Tips To Control Bad Eating Habits

We all have bad eating habits. What are yours? Is it eating junk food late at night?  Cheating on your diet program?  Drinking too much soda?

You probably find it a constant battle every single day. The first thing is to be aware of your bad habits before doing anything else.

These good old bad eating habits won't help you lose weight.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Secret Food That Speeds Up A Slow Metabolism

Though it sounds almost too good to be true but there really are foods that speed up a slow metabolism that are readily available in every grocery store. You may already be eating some of them without even knowing about it.

The more you eat foods that speed up a slow metabolism, the hotter your internal fat-melting furnace burns, and the easier it is to lose weight.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Herbal Slim 247: How to Lose Weight Even While Eating Restaurant Food!

Herbal Slim 247: How to Lose Weight Even While Eating Restaurant Food!: How to Lose Weight Even While Eating Restaurant Food!

How to Lose Weight Even While Eating Restaurant Food!

Are you bored with your home cooked meals, and would like to visit a restaurant for a change? On the other hand, your doctor has advised you not to eat restaurant foods as it can result in weight gain.

You simply don't know which way to go, right? In this article I will tell you how to enjoy restaurant foods while at the same time making sure that you don't get any fatter!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Discover The Truth About A 500 Calorie Diet

Are you a bit of a risk taker when you want to lose weight? If you are the 500 calorie diet may be just what you’re looking for. The truth about this diet is it is considered an extreme form of dieting; but is highly popular. Low calorie diets are common and 500 calories is at the lower end of the scale.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Herbal Slim 247: Shrink Your Belly - Add Protein To Your Diet

During normal weight loss, it’s generally expected that you lose fat and lean body mass in a ratio of about 3 to 1, meaning 25 percent of the loss is not from body fat, but from tissues like muscle. 

Muscle tissue acts as a fuel source and stores some fat and carbohydrates, but it’s mostly made up of proteins. 

Proteins are responsible for nearly every cellular task. They function to form enzymes, hormones, and tissues. 

Protein is essential to life and, if needed, muscle can be broken down to be used in other processes. 

Exercise will help you keep muscle during weight loss, but what you eat and when you eat can make a large impact. 

Protecting Muscle During Weight Loss

Consumption of protein at higher-than-recommended levels has a number of potential advantages beyond lean mass retention during weight loss. 

They include a greater thermogenic effect upon consumption compared with carbohydrate and fat, a greater satiety response, and the potential for greater weight loss and, specifically, fat loss.

Research has shown that higher protein intakes of 25 to 35 percent of energy intake from protein can offset the muscle loss and also promote greater reductions of fat and total body mass compared with normal protein intakes of 12 to 15 percent of energy intake from protein. 

This equates to roughly 20 to 40 grams of protein per meal.

For better Quality Weight Loss, you’d want to promote fat loss and not indiscriminately lose weight. 

Losing too fast and not getting enough protein daily can lead to substantial muscle loss. But through protein pacing — with multiple high-quality protein meals per day — you’ll more effectively lose fat, not muscle.


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

With all the diet pills, extreme dieting techniques and exercise programs, you might miss an age-old technique: cider vinegar weight loss. That’s right, you don’t need to pump your body full of chemicals or go on some crazy crash diet.

The answer you’re looking for might already be in your kitchen cupboard! It might sound crazy, but cider vinegar has been used as a weight loss treatment for ages.

Nutritional Values Of Pistachios

Pistachios belongs to the family of Anacardaceae, which are dry fruits of the plant and delicious in taste, comprising much potential health benefits.

After plantation, pistachios plants take eight years to produce dry fruits or otherwise called Pistachios nuts, and after that the plant gives harvest of fruits every year.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ginseng For Weight Loss

Ginseng is well known herb for its healing properties, that grows perennially, roots are fleshy and posses much medicinal qualities, and regarded as general tonic, natural aphrodisiac, generally grown and found in Siberia, Korea, China and in other parts of Asian countries.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weight Management - Obesity Report

It’s no secret that, as a nation, we’re getting fatter – recent statistics reveal that there are twice as many obese Americans today than there were just thirty years ago.

Along with extra pounds comes an increased risk for chronic diseases – like diabetes and high blood pressure – so the spiraling epidemic is bound to put further pressure on our health care system.

Eating Less Food As You Get Older

As we get older, we need less to eat.

Changing how you eat will take time.

It is a learning process.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Avoid Sorbitol And Fructose

If you see words such as sucrose, fructose, sorbitol and mannitol on food labels, these are NOT low-calorie sweeteners.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Low-Calorie Sweeteners

Instead of sugar you may want to try using low-calorie sweeteners in your coffee, tea or on your cereal.  Some common brand names are Equal (Nutrasweet), Splenda, Sugar Twin and Sweet N' Low.

Low-Sugar Baking Tip

When you are baking your favorite recipe for muffins, cookies or cakes, cut the sugar in half.

Sugar Amount In Cereal

Different cereals have different amounts of sugar:

Bran Flakes - have a small amount of sugar added (1 teaspoon or 4 grams in 3/4 cup).

Frosted Flakes - have a large amount of sugar added (3teaspoons or 12 grams in 3/4 cup).

Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is found naturally in fruits, vegetables and even milk.

The sugar in these foods gives you energy.

These foods also have many other nutrients.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Tips To Sneak Fruits And Veggies In Your Diet

We all know by now that we should be eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

But knowing and doing are two different things, aren’t they?

Sometimes it is just not easy to get them all in there.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Drink More Water To Shrink Your Belly

One of the best secret to shrink your belly is to ditch the sodas and stick to water!

Experts say you should drink approximately eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy. 

Instead of turning to calorie-laden or sugar-rich drinks, grab a refreshing glass of water. 

In addition to flushing toxins out of your system, drinking water encourages you to build muscle.

Cooking With Coconut Oil

It has a higher smoke point than olive oil, which means it can take higher temperatures better.

There are several healthy omega 3 oils we can choose to consume, such as flax and olive oil, but they don’t do well under the high heat we use for cooking.

Coconut oil can be used in higher cooking temperatures.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skip Happy Hour

For those individuals who want to burn fat quickly, avoid alcohol.

10 Steps To Get More Antioxidants

It’s no secret that antioxidants are incredibly beneficial to good health.

It’s believed the antioxidants in food can help prevent cancer, reverse or slow aging, enhance your immune system, increase your energy and improve heart and other organ health.

Healthy Benefits - Coconut Oil

Evidence is mounting that coconut oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects when both consumed and used topically on the skin.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shrink Your Belly With Six Small Meals A Day

A traditional three-meals-a-day plan just will not cut it if you are in the market to shrink your belly and burn fat.

Need To Lose Weight? - Go Herbal

These days, there is a great  need for overweight Americans to lose those excess pounds.

Being healthy would not only lead them to have a healthier lifestyle but it will also literally lighten their load,  and improve their overall well-being.

Coconut Oil And Your Skin

Coconut oil one of the best things you can apply directly on your skin and hair. It gives temporary relief to skin problems like rashes. It aids in healing and restoring skin to a younger appearance.

Should You Take Slimming Tea?

One popular weight loss supplement available in the market today takes the form of tea.

Stores all over sell slimming tea, dieter's tea and others but all of them are actually the same.

They may appear to be effective, but what is not seen may actually harm you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shrink Your Belly With Weight Training

One great way to shrink your belly and maximize the amount of fat you are burning is to add a weight program to your work out routine.

Coconut Oil Gives You Energy

Because of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids and the fact that it increases the metabolism, most people that switch to coconut oil feel a burst of added energy in their daily life.

10 Small Steps To Lose Weight

Many of us make health-related resolutions, such as to lose weight or join the neighborhood health club. While it is common to set high goals, experts say that setting smaller goals could do more for our health.

“Small steps are achievable and are easier to fit into your daily routine,” says James O. Hill, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. “They are less overwhelming than a big, sudden change.”

Here are 10 to try:

1. Stop gaining weight. Even if you gain just a pound or two every year, the extra weight adds up quickly.

2. Take more small steps. Use a pedometer to count your daily steps; then add 2,000, the equivalent of one extra mile. Keep adding steps, 1,000 to 2,000 each month or so, until you take 10,000 steps on most days.

3. Eat breakfast. Breakfast eaters tend to weigh less and have better diets overall. For a filling and nutrition-packed breakfast, top Whole Grain Total’ with fresh fruit slices and low-fat or fat-free milk.

4. Switch three grain servings each day to whole grain. If you’re like the average American, you eat less than one whole grain serving a day.

5. Have at least one green salad every day. Eating a salad (with low-fat or fat-free dressing) is filling and may help you eat less during the meal. It also counts toward your five daily cups of vegetables and fruits.

6. Trim the fat. Fat has a lot of calories, and calories count. Purchase lean meats, eat poultry without the skin, switch to lower-fat cheeses, use a nonstick pan with only a dab of oil or butter.

7. Consider calcium by including two or three daily servings of low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt. Dairy calcium is good for bones and may also help you lose weight.

8. Downsize. The smaller the bag, bottle or bowl, the less you will eat.

9. Lose just 5 to 10 percent of your current weight. The health benefits are huge-lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

10. Keep track of your eating. Write down what you eat over the next couple of days and look for problem spots. Often, just writing things down can help you eat less.

Rapid Weight Loss Technique

Other than physical appearance weight affects a person in many ways. This could be the overall quality of life, self-esteem, depression, health risks, and physical incapabilities.

There are a lot of positive changes once a person experience weight loss. It is for this reason why a lot of people are searching for a weight loss technique that will surely trim down those fats and get a super slim head turner body.

Switch Your Soda To Lose Weight

Switch your soda 
Your body doesn’t register calories from liquids the same way it does those from foods, so you won’t get those “stop eating” signals to help you compensate for the overload later on. 

Change from two glasses of regular soda or fruit juice to diet soda or a flavored seltzer. 

Saves 300 calories

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coconut Oil Has Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Most cooking oils contain omega 6 fatty acids, something we get way too much of in the United States.

Our omega 6 to omega 3 ratio should be 1:1 but it is more like 50:1.

We need to drastically cut back our omega 6 oils and consume much more omega 3 oils to be healthy.

And coconut oil is filled with these healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

10 Possible Causes Of Obesity

Reduced physical activity and fast food
are linked to obesity.

But the evidence that these are the main causes of obesity is largely circumstantial.

Coconut Oil Increases Your Metabolism

Not only does coconut oil convert to energy quicker in your body, it increases your metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Because it boosts your metabolism, it helps your body burn fat more effectively.

Why Add Coconut Oil To Your Weight Loss Diet

It is a common misconception that coconut oil is bad for you. People all over the world are experiencing the healthy benefits of using coconut oil.

It is actually one of the healthiest oils you can consume.

Talk It Up And Lose More

Talk it up Every time you grab the phone, stand up and pace around. 

Heavy people sit on average two and a half hours more per day than thin people. 

Burns 50 or more calories

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How To Weight In With Lower Fat

Herbalife Weight Loss Product: How to Weigh in With Lower Fat

Genetics does play a role in obesity, of course, but not as big a role as you do. Most health experts say that the concept of genes compelling you to be heavy is a myth.

For the vast majority of us, genes may set the lower limits of our weight, but we set the upper limits by our food choices.

Nonetheless, we all know that most of us tend to put on weight as we age. In addition, if there is one thing we cannot prevent, it is the aging process. But we can prevent eating more and exercising less as we get older. And first of all, you have to have surgeries for food control in your life, strategies that work.

One of the known strategies is to take some weight loss medications. This does not necessarily mean those that are being advertised as diet pills but also those that fall under the category of herbal medicines. One of the fast-growing herbal medicines especially formulated to help you lose weight is the so-called herbalife weight loss product.

Herbalife weight loss product is one of the major breakthroughs as far as herbal medication is concerned. Herbalife weight loss products contain the necessary herbs in order to facilitate losing weight.

Some of the well-known herbalife weight loss products are herbalife formula 1 strawberry weight control powder, herbalife diet formula 1 tropical fruit, herbalife formula 1 vanilla diet slim lose weight, etc.

One of the best things about herbalife weight loss products is that they are great tasting products, easy-to-use, and is definitely effective in losing weight. Best of all, the prices are relatively affordable when compared to other weight loss products.

To know more of the benefits that herbalife weight loss products can do for you, here is a list of the advantages.

1. One of the best things about herbalife weight loss products is that you do not only lose pounds but also inches. This means that herbalife weight loss products do not just get rid of excess fats but also tone and shape the body built, curbing the imminent re-accumulation of fats.

2. Herbalife weight loss products do not only make you lose weight but also supply you with the nutrients that are needed by the body’s cells on a daily basis.

3. Herbalife weight loss products are known to have excellent taste that is why more and more people who have tried it are satisfied with its yummy flavors.

4. Best of all, herbalife weight loss products lets you eat more of the foods you like without having to worry about accumulating more weight in the end.

5. Herbalife weight loss products are also known to help you lessen the extra calorie ingestion. Hence, losing weight will be more effective.

What’s more, herbalife weight loss products give you the pleasing feeling that curbs your hunger while you lose weight.

The bottom line is that your mission for preventing weight gain, should you decide to accept it, is to eat fewer calories when you are not involved in activities that burn up those calories. Then, try to incorporate these herbalife weight loss products in your diet.

In the end, you will achieve the ideal weight you have long wanted to obtain.

Shrink Your Belly - Add Protein To Your Diet

Choose protein-laden foods for boosting your metabolism and enabling your body to shrink your belly by burning fat rapidly.

In addition to burning fat, consuming a protein-enriched diet will help you rebuild muscle after work outs and maintain leanness of that muscle. 

Wisely choose proteins for your diet. 

Take great care to pick proteins low in fat so you do not consume extra calories.

Shrink Your Belly - Cut Calories Wisely

It may be tempting to drastically cut your calorie intake when starting a healthy lifestyle. 

Instead, use a step method when cutting your calorie intake to minimize risk. 

Reducing calories too quickly results in your body rapidly burning all available calories, which will lower your metabolism. 

Furthermore, you are more likely to maintain your healthy lifestyle through this step method.

Burn Fat - Break Up Your Workout Plan

The biggest mistake people make when looking to burn fat and lose weight is to have one long, extensive work out session. 

Instead, break up your work out plan into small chunks throughout the day. 

Take a brisk walk in the morning, enjoy a work out at lunch, and then exercise more in the evening. 

In addition to staying active all day long, breaking up your work out will better maintain your metabolism.

Successful Dieting-Reward Yourself

When it comes to successfully dieting to burn the most fat, be sure to reward yourself. 

Everyone has temptations and favorite treats’so allow indulgence. 

You will be less likely to cheat on your new diet if you grant yourself small rewards. 

If you are a chocolate lover, treat yourself to a small square of chocolate or single chocolate kiss each evening.

Bagel Lovers - Read This

You can walk 10,000 steps to justify your 500-calorie bagel with cream cheese.

Or try this: low-fat spreadable cheese like Laughing Cow Light on an English muffin. 

Saves you 300 calories

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wear Comfy Clothes To Burn More Calories

Casual day payoffYou will blast more calories during the day wearing comfy clothes like jeans or khakis, sport shirts and soft-soled shoes than donning constricting suits, skirts and heels.


Because you walk more, a study found.

Now you just have to convince the boss.

Burns 25 calories

Friday, January 27, 2012

Squat At Your Desk To Lose Weight

You know squat! 
At your desk chair, pretend you’re going to sit but don’t — stop and come back up without using your arms.

Always start squats by lowering your hips, not bending knees forward, and keeping your weight on your heels.

Repeat the motion throughout the day (even at the potty!) for 15 to 20 total.

Strengthens quadriceps.

Burns 15 calories

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making Healthy Eating Changes for Good

Making Healthy Eating Changes for Good

As you're thinking about your own health and fitness goals for the upcoming year, here are a few words of encouragement - with some thoughts on how you can make promises to yourself that you can actually keep.

Snack Smart To Lose Weight

Snack smarter

Portion out the day’s snacks into pint-size zip bags, or buy single-serving portions.

For example, four regular Oreos have 200 calories versus the 100-calorie snack bag version.

Go for the lower fat chips: a Lay’s Light bag has only 75 calories, while the regular has 150.

Saves 175 (over two snacks)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips To Lose Weight

Tone while you're stuck in traffic

Use the time spent bumper-to-bumper to develop your buns of steel: Squeeze your derrière each time you tap the brake, holding for 10 seconds.

Shoot for 10 to 15 squeezes a trip.

Burns 10

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tips To Wellness

What Does Wellness Mean to You?  Is it waking up every morning and having enough time, energy and freedom to live the life you want?  Is it about feeling better and looking better?  Is it the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise and habits?  

Keys to Optimum Wellness

1 – Balance Your Diet
You need to get enough of the right foods including colorful fruits and vegetables, protein, good carbohydrates and just enough good fats for the taste you want.

You also need vitamins, minerals and fiber from dietary supplements to provide the nutrition missing from your diet that your cells need for good health.

2 – Exercise Regularly 
Regular exercise can help you feel and look your best. Exercise conditions your heart and relieves stress and makes it easier to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

3 – Drink Lots of Water
Your body is about two-thirds water. In an average day, you lose at least 1/2 litre of water even without excessive sweating.

To feel your best, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

Remember, improving your state of wellness is a step-by-step process. 

By following the steps below and making the adjustments necessary, you can improve your wellness starting today!

Steps for Achieving Optimum Wellness
  • Define Your Wellness Goals.
  • Have an evaluation of your personal wellness.
  • Identify key areas you need to impact to reach your wellness goals. 
  • Get recommendations from your Personal Wellness Coach.
  • Make a plan of action that you can commit to. 
  • Get the ongoing support you need to stay on your wellness track for a healthier future.

Tips To Burn Extra Calories

Be a ballerina.  As your coffee drips, stand sideways, put one hand on the counter, and lift the outside leg straight out in front of you, keeping it extended.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Healthy Strategies for Winter Months

What to do after a cold or infection in the mouth: It is good to put a new head on your electric or battery powered toothbrush and/or replace your regular tooth brush.

Balance Booster & Burn 10 calories

While you brush your teeth, alternate standing on one leg as you switch mouth quadrants (every 30 seconds). 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Impacts Your Health

The increase of technology and packaged foods; our dependence on motor transportation rather than walking; our sedentary lifestyles; and our busy schedules that leave us little time to prepare healthy meals or exercise have led us down a morbid path.

Gaining weight and getting sick is easier than ever.

Go For The Grains

Not ready for Twigs & Rocks cereal?

Sprinkle on a few tablespoons of wheat germ or oat bran.

Work up to 3/4 cup of low-sugar whole-grain cereal with at least three grams of fiber per serving, and you’ll pass on that Danish.

Saves 100 calories

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why Eat Protein Early In The Morning

The more you eat earlier on, the less you eat as the day wears on, research has shown.

So after your cereal, add a hard-boiled egg or a part-skim mozzarella cheese stick to keep you feeling full — and away from that pre-lunch brownie.

Or nourish your body with a Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake which contains 18g of protein. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Burn 10 Calories Doing This Wake-Up Workout

First thing when you open your eyes, sit up slowly without using your hands.

With legs straight out, lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in your back and hamstrings.

Hold; then, using your abs, lower yourself flat.

Rest and repeat two more times.

Strengthens core.

Burns 10 calories

A Guide To Finding Whole Grain

Want to make sure that you're buying whole grain?

Check the ingredients list.

If you see only the words whole grain,
whole wheat, brown rice or oats,
you can be sure it's 100% whole grain.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When To Take Your Multivitamin

Even slight shortfalls of iron can trigger fatigue, but most multivitamins contain an adequate 18mg of iron.

Unfortunately, popular morning beverages can sabotage a multivitamin's effect.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Counting Calories For Weight Loss

Here's a delicious recipe with only 221 calories/serving, 5.4g Total Fat (2.4 g Mono, 1.7 g Poly, 0.8 g Sat); 50 mg Cholesterol, 21 g Carbohydrate, 5 g Fibre, 23 g Protein, 609 mg Sodium

Chicken Supreme

Lose More By Downsizing Your Dinner Plate

The more food in your plate, the more you’ll eat — regardless of how hungry you are. Studies find that the less food in front of you, the less food you’ll eat which will help you with your weight loss goal.

Hidden Fats in Soft Sweet Carbs

We all enjoy melt-in-your mouth carbs.  Our favorite way to reset after a long day.  Wouldn't it be great if carbs wouldn't threaten your weight loss diet?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Notebook Can Help You Lose Weight

Carry a palm-size notebook everywhere you go for one week.
Studies have found that people who maintain food diaries wind up eating about 15 percent less food than those who don’t. Write down every single morsel that enters your lips — even water.

Little Tips To Lose Weight

Little tips to help you out.

If you don't like whole wheat try a sandwich with rye bread.

Distilled Water And Minerals

Are you wondering if distilled water depletes the minerals in your body? Is it safe? Here is what I found.

Drinking water is a great weight-loss strategy; it helps flush the body of toxins while filling you up, so you don't mindlessly munch.

Rev Up The Afternoon Blahs With Squash

Did you know that the sweet flavor and satisfying texture of winter squash can keep you from getting fatigue, light-headed and cranky? Plus they keep you full for a long time. My favorite is butternut squash.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Healthy Weight - What Is Your Body Mass?

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) scientifically calculates the difference between your current weight and your ideal weight. Knowing your BMI is the first step to setting healthy weight loss goals, thus helping to decrease your risk of disease.

How To Take Body Measurements

Taking your body measurements is an excellent way to keep track of your changing shape as you get fit. When you burn fat and increase your muscle mass, you may weigh a bit more even though your body is getting tighter and smaller.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smooth Cellulite - Reverse Lunges

This move builds muscle that evens out bulges on hips and thighs.

To do:
  • Stand with feet shoulder - width apart and hands on hips
  • Step back with your right leg
  • And bend both knees to lower your body until your right knee is almost touching the floor
  • Use your right leg to push up into the starting position.
Do 10 times, then repeat with the left leg

L-Crunches-Flatten The Belly Fat Fast

This fresh take on the basic crunch employs gravity to stimulate blood flow, plus tones several flabby areas, including legs and belly fat. You can do this basic crunch in the comfort of your own home.

To do:
  • Lie on your back with your hands at your sides and your legs straight.
  • Lift your legs until they form a 90-degree angle with the floor.
  • Lower to an inch off the ground.
  • Repeat 10 times.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Fight Fatigue

A study by the American Psychological Association found that folks who shopped without a list suffered more fatigue, took longer to respond to questions and scored lower on tests compared with those who knew exactly what they needed to buy!

Lose Belly Fat

If you love snacking and hate belly fat, then get ready to have fun shrinking your belly with our Free Online Weight Loss Challenge.

By joining our free online weight loss challenge, our coaches will teach you how to snack the right way.

So, if you're one of the millions of people who would love to lose belly fat, join our Online Weight Loss Challenge that starts January 17; it's FREE.

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Get Rid Of Pesky Arm Jiggle-Tone Your Pectorals

Did you know that lifting and carrying trash bags to the curb activates your biceps and triceps?

This helps to get rid of pesky arm know when you lift up your arm....that thing that wobbles...

What's more, extending the bag outward tones the pectorals major, a fan-shaped muscle near the collarbone that can perk up the chest.

To tone even faster, slowly shrug your shoulders up toward your ears and back down while toting the bag. This will engage the trapezius and rhomboid major muscles that create definition in the neck and shoulders.

Another plus, this move will help loosen the levator scapulae, a muscle in the neck where tension often builds up.

Burn Calories Loading Groceries

You can burn calories by loading groceries. Did you know that hauling shopping bags can develop sleeker shoulders than lifting weights.

The reasons: This chore requires a wider range of motion, which works to engage a greater number of muscle groups, (including the deltoids, trapezius and biceps) all at once.

Also, lifting groceries entails more opposition to gravity, which creates more resistance.

As a result, the body is forced to recruit more deep-tissue muscle fibers, leading to leaner, more defined muscles and speedier calorie burn.

To tone even faster: Focus on contracting your belly while loading bags to slim belly fat. But be sure to squat rather than bending at the waist when setting them down to avoid straining your back.

More Water = More Pounds Off

Researchers say that a shortfall of water causes a chemical imbalance in the brain. Aim for eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day to make sure you stay hydrated.

Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator so each time you open the fridge, you'll have a pitcher of water right in front of you to remind you.

In a study, dieters who drank tow 8-oz glasses of water before meals lost five more pounds after 12 weeks, than those who didn't drink it!

Filling up on the water helped them eat 90 fewer calories per meal without even trying.

Keep a glass of water by your bedside and drink it as soon as you wake up. Even mild dehydration keeps your brain and body in sleep mode!

The proof: "In a study, volunteers who lost 1% to 2% of their body's water stores through exercise-the same amount you lose as you sleep-felt tired and fuzzy-headed, while those who remained hydrated with water during the workout felt energetic and upbeat.

Stay hydrated all day!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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To Eat Less, Imagine Eating More

Have you decided to dine out tonight instead of cooking? You know you'll end up ordering a slice of cheesecake even after a filling diner.

To avoid polishing off your dessert plate, imagine how amazing that cheesecake will be before you order it.

According to a recent study published in the journal Science, people who thought about eating a "forbidden food" first actually ate less of it.

The reason: By imagining the taste and texture of the treat beforehand, subjects had already enjoyed some of the pleasure, making them less apt to eat the entire serving to get the same pleasure response.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Soothe And Get Regular

Cleanse and enhance your digestive system, and support healthy weight management by helping your body eliminate toxins.

The intestinal system performs three key functions: eliminating toxins, growing friendly bacteria and absorbing nutrients. Our 3-in-1 Digestive Health Program supports healthy gastrointestinal function by aiding these digestive needs.

Key Benefits

  • Includes premium aloe vera to support digestive health with organic nutrients and enzymes.
  • Helps eliminate toxins.*
  • Replenishes intestinal flora.*

Our Digestive Products:

Active Fiber Complex: Support regularity and healthy digestion

21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program: Feel lighter and better with this program containing AM/PM companion formulas.

Herbal Aloe Liquid and Powder: Soothe the stomach, relieve occasional indigestion and support the immune system.

Florafiber: Help promote intestinal health with fiber and friendly bacteria.

Did You Know?

The presence of sufficient friendly intestinal bacteria helps prevent the overgrowth ofCandida Albicans, the cause of "yeast infection," which can be responsible for many symptoms of poor health. Some signs of Candida Albicansovergrowth include headaches, mood swings, fatigue, bad breath, skin conditions and digestive problems.

Fast Facts

  • One Florafiber tablet provides millions ofLactobacillus Acidophilus cells.
  • Herbal Aloe Drink - Made from premium-quality aloe vera and contains enzymes and vitamins.
  • 21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program - Helps reduce damage of free radicals.

Suggested Usage

Combine with Core Products for Cellular Nutrition for overall well-being.

Healthy Living

Mothers Great Advice For A Healthy Diet

When our mothers told us to eat our fruits and vegetables, they were giving us great advice.

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of our diet, providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals that serve important functions in the body.

Many people, however, are still deficient in their intake.