Friday, February 10, 2012

Ginseng For Weight Loss

Ginseng is well known herb for its healing properties, that grows perennially, roots are fleshy and posses much medicinal qualities, and regarded as general tonic, natural aphrodisiac, generally grown and found in Siberia, Korea, China and in other parts of Asian countries.

Ginseng herb comprises the most powerful antioxidants, amino acids, maltose, vitamins, minerals, polypeptides, polysaccharides that contribute to improve general health and wellness.

As Ginseng provides energy, vitality and vigor, it is often considered as herbal energy capsule by the people.

Ginseng herb is found to be effective by the Health care Professionals and herbalists, as it increases the life-span and improves the quality of life of people at large since time immemorial.

Ginseng medicinal properties and significant health benefits include; Ginseng is widely used for the treatment of various and important health ailments by Doctors and Health care Specialists.

Ginseng herb or root extracts reduce anxiety, stress, improves mental ability, enhances active and positive attitude, lowers depression, improves the function of nervous system, prevents dementia, provides relief from chronic fatigue syndrome, improves cognitive performance if the dose of 100mg to 200mg capsules of Ginseng herb is taken for three to four weeks regularly as recommended dose by the Health Care Experts.

Ginseng herb aids the brain to produce more endorphins that keeps balance of emotional and physical stress hormones, which are secreted by adrenal glands, thereby Ginseng herb promotes physical and mental health.

Ginseng Medicinal Properties

Ginseng herb reduces cholesterol levels if the Ginseng tea is taken as advised by the physicians. Ginseng extracts strengthens immune system and improves neurons health. Ginseng is very effectively improves vitality, enhances energy, relieve fatigue, provides relief from mood swings, provides relief from premenstrual syndrome if the recommended dose is taken as per the advice of experts. Due to the presence of chemical compounds known as Ginsenosides found in this herb is proven effective against cancer, as it blocks the growth of cancerous cells and as such it prevents cancer, as it provides best natural herbal remedy. Ginseng herb extracts regulates glucose levels, as it controls the secretion of insulin hormone and as such it is helpful for treating diabetes. Ginseng herb extracts improves digestion, and it is used to increase the endurance of Athletes.

Ginseng herb helps to lose weight and prevents obesity, as the Ginseng tea suppresses appetite naturally. Ginseng herb extracts improve reproductive health and relieves effectively menstrual pain in women. Though, the usage of Ginseng herb extracts to various health ailments is safe as it is non-toxic in nature and provides proven health benefits against significant diseases, however continuous usage may produce adverse effects on health that may lead to hypertension and sleeplessness. Pregnant women, people who are suffering from hypertension, and cardiovascular disorders, nursing mothers and the people who are under medication for their diseases, should use Ginseng herb extracts with caution and as per advice of Doctors only.

To conclude, Ginseng herb and root extracts are available in the form of capsules, tablets, root extract powders and pills in the market. It can be safely used for various health disorders as per the advice after consultation of Health Care Professionals only, to treat ill health and to improve general health and wellness.

This article is only for informative purpose and to bring awareness among the people about the medicinal qualities and health benefits of Ginseng herb extracts and should not be taken as alternative for diagnosis, treatment of different ailments.