Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Routine For Easy Weight Loss

Setting a routine and sticking to it ... that's about the best way to make your weight loss easy and almost effortless.

This does not mean that we can never be flexible. But the body likes for certain things to happen at certain times, so life is generally simpler that way.

For example, getting up around the same time each day, exercising at certain times, and eating meals of around the same size at set intervals through the day.

Exercise is vital if your goal is weight loss. It's not just about helping you lose weight: it's about toning up so that you don't finish up looking like an empty sack when the fat is gone.

Even if all you do is to take a half hour walk, try to do it at a certain point in your day. Make it every day, or almost (5-6 days per week).

Keeping a record of your exercise will help to keep you on track. If you walk, get a pedometer and write down how far you walk each day. If you work out, write down how many situps, pushups etc.

Don't forget to include other forms of exercise such as walking upstairs. Stairs are a great piece of fitness equipment that we all have free access to, either in the house, in the apartment block or at work.

Keeping records will also help you to include variety in your exercise program.

If you work out, you can rotate the muscle groups that you work on (core, arms, legs). This is more effective than trying to do a little of everything, every day.

Don't forget that healthy nutrition is essential for weight loss.  You can find easy to follow Weight Loss Programs that will help you in your weight loss journey.

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