Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Healthy Food For Healthy Weight At 40

Are you feeling like you've already turned 40 because you can't stop thinking about what you haven't accomplished and being overweight is one of them?

Are you going through a tough time adjusting to the idea that you will be 
turning 40 soon? 

Do you see yourself aging and having a tough time coping with it?  Your busy and active life should be enough to bring up your spirits, right? 

Would you like to turn 40 looking and feeling better then ever?
Please Stay Positive  

When I was struggling, I learned a great lesson:  "If I wasn't where i wanted to be it was because i wasn't doing what i needed to do."  

Does this make sense to you?
Be your own best friend.  Give yourself credit for EVERY LITTLE STEP you take in the right direction.  And FORGIVE yourself for any step your failed to take. 

It helps to understand that while a lot of you FEEL food is your main source of comfort; in reality it's responsible for your most painful discomfort.

Keep doing what you can to STOP negative thinking.

Start by feeding your body with Healthy Food and i'll bet you'll feel more energized and motivated!

PS Also remember that while you need to establish NEW eating habits to support a new healthy weight, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy occasional 'joy foods'

Let today be the day that you take that first step to look and feel better then ever! 

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