Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lengthen Your Youthfulness By Lengthening Your Telomeres

Poor vitality, as well as health, are the unavoidable and unfortunate results of aging. And all of us will be undergoing this phase.

With the technological advancements that we are enjoying nowadays, great discoveries are popping out one after the other in combatting the unfavorable results of getting old.

One of these discoveries and the most notable would be:

The lengthening of telomeres

Studies have shown nowadays that lengthening the telomeres provides the possibility of delaying and even preventing the signs of aging that we see in our body as well as the diseases that old age can lead to.

Telomeres can be a topic so alien for others. After all, it is just a new discovery. 

So you might ask, what are telomeres? 

These are actually protective caps that are found at the end of every chromosome. 

As we grow older, these caps tend to shorten. Hence, they serve as our biological cap. Moreover, when these cells divide, replication cannot be possible towards the chromosomes’ ends. Thus, telomeres are lost along the way.

Fortunately, there are now supplements that are made available in order to lengthen telomeres. 

After all, you can look younger with healthy telomeres. 

These supplements are specifically engineered in order to promote the lengthening process of the telomeres. Most of these supplements have active ingredients such as astragalus extract, blueberry pterostilbene, bacopa monnieri, citrus bioflavonoids, and reservatory among other.

As you get older, the quality of life also decreases. 

As a result, old people experience less vitality, vigor, and energy. There is also the presence of degenerative disease such as cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis. 

Obviously, telomeres have an effect on our body for the most part. Thus, telomeres lengthening can help in protecting our organs, physical strength, brain, skin, and bones. It's very beneficial in helping our immune system.

In order to lessen the visual signs of aging, it is best to avoid the followings:
- Too much sun exposure 
- Poor nutrition
- Smoking 
- Not enough deep sleep
- Too much stress
- Not drinking water

All of these things will lead to sagging skin, blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.

And the worst of all, it can do so much damage to your chromosomes which will, later on, affect the telomeres.

The important thing is to be active almost every day.

Hence, lengthening the telomeres can help in order to make you look and feel youthful inside and out. 

It is best advised that taking supplements in telomere lengthening be done at an early age. 

The result of these supplements will be visible after 3 to 6 months. 

However, be particular as well regarding the dosage that you are going to take. This is so since dosages vary depending on physical demands, health, environment, and most importantly the age. 

When we are born, we pretty much have 15,000 units of telomeres. But when we reach the age of 25, we only have 10,000. So by this time, you can gauge when will be the time for you to take it. Or most especially if the signs of aging are already visible.

Complete daily nutrition for optimal health.

Complete Daily Nutrition for Optimal Health

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